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MediaGet 2.01.1592

MediaGet 2.01.1592

Mediaget is a handy application designed to help you search and download media files.

It often happens that some files are unavailable or hard to find. For example, they can banned from free distribution or they cannot be downloaded because of nonoperating site. In such cases Mediaget will be your best helper.


· Windows Media Player 10 or higher
· 1 Gigahertz processor
· 256 Megabytes of RAM
· DirectX 9.0 compliant video and sound

MediaGet 2.01.1592

Change Log:

What’s new:

· Social network is integrated, now you can share files with your friends
· Search and download from website has been added. You should have an account there to use it.
· Information about number of people uploading and downloading the file has been added to the search

Bugs fixed:

· Work of the icon in the tray has been fixed
· Process calculating the remaining download time has been fixed
· Sorting by titles in the search has been fixed
· Program hanging after close has been fixed

Updates and improvements:

· Directory’s work has been updated
· Stability of program’s work has been improved
· Search has been improved and sped up. Quality of search results has been improved also
· Embedded media player has been updated


MediaGet lcc - 670KB (Freeware)


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